This is a Christian lifestyle blog.  My goal is to provide a practical guide on kingdom living and spiritual awareness.  


It is time that we all wake up and tap into the real power of God.  I pray that the Holy Spirit leads you to your purpose in life.  I pray that we all build a stronger relationship with God as we live our journey with Christ. 


It is not until we start living a surrendered life for the Lord that everything starts to come together for us.





I believe that each and every person's foundational purpose is to grow.  It is genetically engineered into our DNA.  We are to develop into the people God needs us to be in order to fulfill our ultimate destinies.


We are his workmanship!







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It is easy to find your purpose when you have the right directions.

Let God lead you to your purpose.





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melted crayon color wheel
melted crayon color wheel


Whitney by Quincy Bayliss
Whitney by Quincy Bayliss






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These are articles that tell you a little more about what it means to be a Christian.

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These articles are designed to motivate and encourage you to keep building your relationship with the Lord.

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 These articles are studies and lessons on specific scriptures that the Lord has led me to teach real life application.  

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Check out the articles below if you can relate to any of the titles. Hopefully you can find some motivation as I link you to some of my favorite posts about these various subjects. Let us grow together in this Christian journey.

I am a youth leader
There is a lot to learn about leadership. I am learning that being a leader is not something you aspire to be, but instead something you become as ordained by God.

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I am an artist
This is a talent I posses. I have used it proffessionally in my art teaching career. Now I am asking God to bless it, increase it, and monetize it!

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I am a girl boss
God is making a way for his people to get in the business of being in business. I like to suggest books, teach mind set ideas, and promote inspiration for those who aspire to be their own boss in business.

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I am a Christian
This is what it is all about. I am a Christian and I claim my inheritance as a Kingdom Kid. I write, create, and promote content that will help you find your purpose in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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I am a writer
Take a look around. I write about the things that God has equiped me to know about. I write what ever God tells me to write.

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I am a teacher
God has blessed me just like he has blessed you with specific gifts. I know that I have the gift of teaching things in pratical ways.

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I am a mom
I can't get around it! I had to learn and I have to continue to learn how to live this life and teach my children how to live this Christian Life.

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I am a wife
There are a alot of things the Lord wants us to learn when being in a "relationship". Journey with me as I gather resources to help with the journey of being married.

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Book suggestions to check out . . .

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